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Appetizers and Snacks

Ale and Cheese Crackers

Crisp and delicate, these crackers stand on their own, needing no embellishment or toppings. The sweet and fruity taste of the ale balances the sharp and salty flavor of the cheese, creating a better-than-store-bought savory treat. Use a dark brew with notes of chocolate and a fruity light finish, such as Summit Winter Ale.

Artichoke-Salami Cones

Appetizers don't get much easier than this. Customize your cones with different salamis or flavored goat cheeses.

Avocado Dip

Process all ingredients in food processor until creamy and smooth. (Mixture should not be chunky like guacamole.)

Baby Shrimp Crostini

Baby shrimp are just the right size to be served on slices of bread, and because they’re sold cooked and peeled, preparation time is minimal.

Bacon-Wrapped Ginger-Soy Wings

You won’t need a dipping sauce for these crowd-pleasing wings. Smoky bacon and an Asian-influenced marinade make them tasty enough to fly solo.

Baked Artichokes with Rustic Tomato-Bread Stuffing

This rustic stuffing pairs nicely with the earthy artichokes. Toasting the bread crumbs adds a deeper flavor to the stuffing, and the addition of fresh herbs and prosciutto livens up even early spring tomatoes. Include these in a light meal of homemade soup and bread, or serve them as an elegant opener to a dinner.

Baked Feta with Sweet and Hot Peppers

Creamy baked feta is a favorite Greek meze, or appetizer, served with crusty bread and kalamata olives. Look for an imported Greek, French or Bulgarian feta without much liquid. Serve with a chilled dry white wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio.

Baked Roman Polenta

Member Lillian Kayte says her recipes are often inspired by her trips abroad. This dish is based on one she had in Rome several years ago. Unable to find the semolina needed for the original, Lillian substituted grits. “It’s been a favorite comfort food ever since,” she says. We recommend serving it as a side dish for any roasted meat.

Basil-Mint Artichoke Spread

Serve this spread in a bowl set inside a hollowed-out fresh artichoke, surrounded by cut-up vegetables and French bread slices.

Bat Chips and Salsa

Look for all kinds of Halloween cookie cutters, bats included, in your grocery store.

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